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The Stupid Super Hero Coming Soon

2012-07-23 21:18:02 by ryanfoxx

Hi My name is RyanFoxx

You can Best Call me Maurice, Jr., or Ralphbear
Which I am Better known

I'm an Artist, and writer with weird as hell ideas out the wazzoo due to many old cartoon, animes, and obscure B-movies I've watched during my youth.

Now That I've introduced myself I'm planning on Uploading my newest Collaboration series

The Stupid Super Hero: The Mini-Series

It's a Flash Animated Series based on the Web-Comic of The Same Series

It Stars a chibi sized mentally challenged Moose named Stupid Moose who once lived in Moose Island, and ends up moving to The City, where he accidently knocked out The City's original Town's Hero and out of silly desperation, The Mayor quickly made him The New Towns Hero. Not only is The Moose Saves the World in the Most Absurd way possible, but it also Enjoy's life to the fullest with his friends.

The Series is a Screwball, Surreal and a Slice O' Life Animated Series Creating Homages and Parody of Tex Avery Related gags and humor, and Makes Homage to Classic Video games in the 1980's through 1990's (The Atari to Sega vs Nintendo years) With the visuals being brightly colored, bizarre and unique in the way, giving it a "Video Game" like feel to it.

And all of the compositions in the series are all being done in legitimate sounding low-fi NES and GENESIS sounding BGM


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